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Mods and Rockers 3 Mid Cheshire Scooter Show Sunday

Mods and Rockers 3 Mid Cheshire Scooter Show Sunday

Scooters such as Lambretta and Vespa invaded us in 1950's and the swinging sixties and we all remember the great fun had when the mods and rockers met up on the beaches at Brighton and Clacton every bank holiday to discuss the price of fish and chips.

So Scooter boys and girls get your parker jackets out, polish up your mirrors and wheel trims and join the hairy bikers for a bit of fun and friendly banter but let no one forget the fantastic technology that we have available to us nowadays no matter what side of the saddle we sit on.

The festival Scooter Show will firstly showcase the great old days of scooters when Italy led the world in innovation design and manufacturing excellence with great names such as Lambretta and Vespa .

Secondly the festival will showcase today's fantastic range of machines. With modern technology we are clebrating a new breed of technologically advanced pieces of kit. Every scooter nationality is welcomed.

Thirdly the festival will showcase those inspiring bling machines that we all turn our heads to see. As with all scooter owners constant love and attention isrequired keep them in the prestine condition we enjoy out on the road.

Nowadays it is great to see the that exciting appeal of scooters is enjoyed by both sexes young and old, long may it continue.

There will be a number of prestigious scooters together with other vehicles on display inside the festival’s exhibition tent so take a stroll through and pick the one you want to take home and surprise your partner with.

Grab yourself a bargain from the festival’s emerging scooter jumble. Contact Dave Johnson 07563 794073 / Mike Naylor 07738416122